come out, come out

by tiger west

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Inventive debut album in a category all it's own; folk meets electronic dance with a steady through-line of rock. Digital meets natural. Dark lyrics entwine with child-sparkle guitar solos. With skillful low-fi layering and mantra-inspired repetition the listener is invited into the compelling, contradictory, transformative, signature world of Samantha West.


released August 15, 2015



all rights reserved


tiger west Brooklyn, New York

After decades of silence, West reclaims her voice and will not stop for anyone.

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Track Name: the lonely ghost song
my girl can be so cruel sometimes she turns around the light
i only feel my heart those times i'm gonna leave without a sound
my girl she has her share of scars she starts a lot of fights
i wear my heart in armor then i'm gonna leave when she's around
you thought you were the only one the hottest shit in town
i told her all the lies you told it gets so dark when the sun goes down

ooo, ahhh caught you in the bed with another lover 'round your neck

you think a ring will change the world you're a savage in a tie
depression keeps you up at night and drinking all that wine
want and want and take and take buy your friends with fame
approval from a razor blade and betrayal when you leave town
that girl can be so cruel sometimes she turns around my mind
blood starts pumping hard those times i crave her when i get down

ooo, ahhh caught in the bed with another lover 'round your neck
Track Name: stone heart
my heart is full of stone, precious stone
put it in the road, busy road
all i can think of, is flower petal tongue
the sweetest song, it's never been sung

the moon is full and bright, it's quiet tonight
thoughts are few and far between, words stumble out when i speak
to you, only you

i am sure but i want to ask you everything
i watch how you watch me you read
how we come with a summary
we all come
with a summary

put down your books, play in the garden today
come have a look, stay in the garden with me
we're wasting our time, everything's wasting away
it's you that i find, whenever i find my way

there's a river of diamonds it flows to the garden it waits
there's a river that shines it flows to the garden it waits

let's walk to the river the river of diamonds and shine
take me along on your adamantine water ride
Track Name: undo me
she'll undo you
see right through you
and the leaves on the city trees fall down
i'm up again i'm up against the/your/my wall
so i sit here and i drink some tea
i let the world wash over me
Track Name: ship off
you hurt/heard her when she came
you found out when/that you're alone
Track Name: lying in the heat of your arms
a path through the jungle it's one of my favorites
it leads to the ocean and there's no room for talking
you said that you wanted to so i took us to the edge of things
sometimes i shake myself to sleep i'm good at holding on and on

you cannot predict it with all of your gadgets
so lay down a blanket listen to the breeze (listen to me breathe)
shadow me a dialogue your words set me on fire
i'm sitting in a hurricane i'm nothing but a child

would you walk to me today? there is no clearing in the air to see
i am tied up in a trench i got no alibi lying in the heat of your arms

and i'm betting i'm better then you
i'm bad because i don't want the truth
i say it all to the ink in the night
you can pay me for what you couldn't steal from my eyes
lying in the heat of your arms

come out! come out!
come out from behind your walls

goodnight goodnight
from here i can see it all
Track Name: down the rabbit hole
silent woman heavy bones never weigh down anyone
find the words before you're done never called out to anyone

the sun(son) comes(cums) on her mourning(morning) dress
make you remember when you forget
in her home you were a guest make you remember when you forget

silent woman wedding ring never promise anything
try to find the words you mean never promise anything

in her home you were a guest make you remember when you forget
it used to be good now it makes her upset make you remember when you forget

can you find us alice's cat? turn her tears into a laugh
can you get us alice's cat? it's the only thing that will bring her back
Track Name: jocelyn's room
upstairs in jocelyn's room she watches out the window of her panoramic view flowered paper hugs the walls her sheets are very soft and little girls follow her wherever she walks
and all the boys say can i come up the stairs and stay
in jocelyn's room

i kept her like a secret it was early on in june i kissed her almond arms on a sunny afternoon moroccan rugs held us up her sheets were white and soft and i could hear them down the hall through the autumn dawn
all the boys say can i come up the stairs and stay
in jocelyn's room?